New album “ Still Dreamin’”

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New album “Still Dreamin’ ” coming out on February 1st, 2022.

After celebrating the 40th anniversary, Hotei continues his artistic journey and releases new album -Still Dreamin’- as his remarkable 20th album.
In August 2021, Hotei contributed his compositions to the opening ceremony of Paralympic Games in Tokyo and demonstrated his exquisite musicianship to the audience around the globe. Just as Hotei encouraged the athletes in Paralympic, this album brings you an inspiration to chase your dream.
“I wanted to make the album that cheers you up”, Hotei says. “I’ll be glad if it motivates you to feel a brand new day and take one step forward to your dream. Hope you’ll enjoy the authenticity of band sound, edgy guitar and lyrics that I spelled out my voice”.

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3rd August Livestream HOTEI the LIVE 2022 “Still Dreamin’ Tour” from Tokyo

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Livestream “HOTEI the LIVE 2022 “Still Dreamin’ Tour” from Tokyo.

July 22, 2022

Livestream “HOTEI the LIVE 2022 “Still Dreamin’ Tour” from Tokyo.

Hotei streams a live performance on August 3rd (wed) from LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, Tokyo. “HOTEI the LIVE 2022 “Still Dreamin’ Tour” offers the set list which contains his greatest hits as well as the most recent numbers. After joining the opening ceremony of Paralympic Game in Tokyo, his passion to chase the dream has been […]...

June 23, 2022

The Man Who Fell to “Neo-Japanesque Fantasy”

Hotei appears in TV commercial for Japan’s most unique sparkling water brand, THE STRONG by SUNTORY. The sizzling clip captures the sensation of razor sharp bubbles and Hotei acts an imaginary character who plays 5 feet+ long instrument in “Neo-Japanesque” costume, designed by Kazuko Kurosawa, a daughter of internationally renowned film director, Akira Kurosawa....




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